The annual production of our factory is
230,000 pcs.approximately,composed of
3 main categories as follows:

1. Handbag 30,000 pcs.
2. Wallet & Purse 100,000 pcs.
3. Belt 100,000 pcs.

Benefited from having our own farms and
tannery, raw material control can be done
from the very first step of production.
Research and development togetherwith
quality control which are taken action both
in tannery and factory, associate with
information from Marketing department such as fashion trendency, customer's
needs result in our outstanding finished
products both quality and design.

60% of our total capacity is exported to
various countries such as U.S.A., Japan,
Russia, Korea, Germany, China, Hong Kong,
The Philippines, etc. through our sole
agents and subsidiary. The rest 40% is
distributed domestically through duty free
shop at Suvarnabhumi Internation Airport
and other leading shops in tourist attraction area such as Phuket, Pattaya and Chiangmai.
We wish to pay herewith our appreciation
to the Department of Internetional Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, for accrediting us among the first 400 firms in using the trade name "THAILAND'S BRAND" in 1999 and "TTM" - Thailand Trust Mark in May 2012 : a mark of
diversity and refinement on our products.
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