Our two crocodile breeding farms,located
in Nakornsawan and Samutprakarn, are registered to the Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species
of Wild Fuana and Flora (CITES).This
registration ensures that our crocodile
products both skin and finished goods are
certified to commercial purpose worldwide.
Our breeding farms raise more than 50,000
live crocodiles,starting from hatch to
commercial size ones. 30,000 heads are
Crocodylus Siamensis (common known as
fresh water crocodile). The others 20,000
are Crocodylus Porosus (salt water
crocodile) which are admired as world
finest and most expensive crocodile skin.

With our attentive farmkeepers, excellent
surrounding and accurate procedure in
breeding and raising, result in our high
quality products from skins to end-use
handbag, wallet, purse, belt, etc.


Beside commercial purpose,conservation
awareness is also our main objective.
Thousand of pure genetic Siamensis and
Porosus without hybrid or inbreeding are
collected for releasing to their natural
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